Vets for Vets Softball Tournament

September 30th  at Woodlawn Park 

$275 per team
$30 Individual/Free agent

3 games guaranteed
7-3 format
Home Run Derby
Raffle prizes


VFV’s mission is to support returning veterans during their readjustment from military to civilian life. VFV’s goal is to provide safe and positive transitional housing providing a mixture of camaraderie, life skills, as well as educational and employment opportunities.

In-house and outsourced services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Full service living quarters
  • Outsourced PTSD/Substance abuse treatment programs
  • Finance and credit counseling
  • Education/vocational counseling
  • Resume building and job prospecting

VFV supports veterans during this challenging transition by helping to identify and recognize their valuable military skill set, and assists them in translating those skills into applicable civilian-life skills. In addition, VFV’s veterans stand committed to providing needed assistance to the elder veterans and families in their communities.

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