Kickball rules


  • Play consists of 10 on 10 (5Males/ 5 Females)
  • Game ball will be provided
  • ToneSports will provide certified umpires for every game
  • To encourage participation, teams may bat/kick as many players as they want, but must not exceed the guy/ girl ratio.
  • No two men can kick consecutively.  If two men kick consecutively, an automatic out is recorded in between the two male kickers.  To prevent an out two men may share one (1) kicking spot and would alternate kicks each time up.
  • A team must have at least 7 players (minimum two (2) females) to start a game.
  • Any player kicking out of order will be considered an automatic out.  If a girl shows up late, they may go into any automatic out spot on the lineup card. Captains must notify umpire of any changes to lineup cards.
  • Any UNSPORTSMANLIKE behavior will result in that player/team being suspended/removed from participating in all ToneSports events for one year.



  • Games are 45 minutes in length
  • The inning in progress at the end of 45 minutes will be the last inning and completed.
  • The ump will enforce this rule and will keep teams informed of time remaining.
  • Each team gets four (4) outs per inning


Run rules

  • Run rule shall be in effect as follows: If the home team is leading by 10 or more runs after 4 and a half innings of play.
  • Only 8 runs can be scored in an inning.
  • The 8th run scored is also counted as the 4th out)
    2.There is no 8 run rule in the last 5 minutes of the game



The ToneSports office will determine by one and a half hours before game time whether or not to cancel a game for that evening. At that time, we will update our weather alert system.

Should the weather take a sudden turn for the worse, it will be up to the discretion of the umpire on the field whether or not to play, cancel, or postpone the start/continuation of the game.

We will make an effort to have games on every playable field possible.

Games will be on hold or canceled immediately if lightning is in the area.



Rainouts will be made up at a later date on the same day of the week.
-Example- If the event was on a Saturday the makeup day will be on a Saturday. We will get the first available date but that can depend on the cities scheduled.


If a team forfeits a game, their opponent will be awarded a 7-0 win


  • Kicking lineups must be presented to the umpire before each game.
         Once the line up cards have been submitted to the umpire, they become              official, and you may only add players to the bottom.
         All substitutions must be given to the umpire as they are made. 
  • Pitch to your own team.
    Pitcher must pitch from within the pitching circle or near the mound
    Pitcher must not interfere with the fielding team.  If interference is called,           the umpire can call the runner out.
  • One pitch per kicker- *One take will be allowed for each turn
    A missed kick, foul ball, or a catch on the fly is an out.

    A kick that goes foul (even if caught) is a dead ball.  Kicker is out and runners      may not advance.

    A real or imaginary line runs perpendicular to home plate.   If the kicker’s              plant foot is completely in front of this line, the kicker will be called out.

  • Any kick that crosses the kicking line is legal
  • Double touching/kicking the ball is an out
  • The catcher must stay behind the kicking line until the ball is kicked and cannot interfere (verbally, physically, or visually) with the kicker.
  • If interference is called the kicker and all runners are awarded a base.
  • Should the catcher make contact with a ball that has been kicked, but not yet crossed into fair territory it shall be recorded as a foul ball/out (as long as the catcher has not interfered with the kicker).
  • If a male is judged to have bunted (at the discretion of the umpire), a dead ball OUT will be recorded.


    1 runner per inning is allowed. Any player (same sex) may run. If a courtesy runner comes up to bat/kick and they are still on base, they are Any player whom is run for, must be safe and touch the base they will be on, prior to the courtesy runner being substituted in


  • No Lead Offs
  • All runners must be in contact with the base at the time the ball is kicked.  Any runners not doing so will automatically be called out and the kicker will re-kick.
  • Runners cannot tag up until a fly ball is first touched.
  • No stealing bases
  • Charging defensive players is not allowed and may result in an out and/or ejection.
  • Offensive players CANNOT initiate contact with defensive players.
  • Sliding is permitted
  • If a runner slides/ducks into a legal throw that was aimed below the shoulders, the runner is out.


  • Maximum of 10 fielders with no more than 5 men in the field
  • No more than 6 infielders, including the catcher
  • No one may be positioned between the pitcher and home plate
  • “The Pitcher” is determined by a real or  imaginary  line drawn from first base to third base
  • All infielders must stay behind this line till the ball is kicked
  • Outfielders must stay behind boundary line (cones or grass), regardless of who is up to kick, until the ball is kicked
  • If this rule is violated, the ball remains live until the umpire calls time.  The umpire will then decide which is more advantageous to the kicking team, the kicked ball or an automatic pass to first base.


  • Throwing to the baseman who tags the base for a force out
  • Hitting the runner with the ball
  • Runners may only be hit with the ball from the shoulders down.  If a player ducks or slides into a throw that was aimed below the shoulders, the runner is out.
  • Throws to hit the runner must be made 2 handed and come from below the shoulders (like a basketball chest pass or 2 handed underhand throw). No overhead throws, even 2 handed, are allowed to get players out.
  • Any blatantly hard or dangerous throw, regardless of how it’s thrown, will result in the runner being called safe and may result in the ejection of the player.
  • The umpire’s discretion will be used in whether or not a throw is legal.
  • CHEESE RULE: As even the most innocent looking pop ups are potential hits inkickball, there is noinfield fly rule. Due to some abuses of this in the past, there will be a “No Cheese” rule for situations where a fielder is judged to have intentionally allowed the ball to drop to turn a double play.
  • A play is not dead until the ump calls time or the ball is in the possession of the pitcher.

PLAYOFFS /Championship

  • There is no per inning run limit during playoffs.
  • Playoff Run Rule – 10 runs after 7 innings
  • There will be overtime during playoffs
  • Extra innings will start with a runner on second base (base runner is the one who made the last out in the previous inning).
  • Championship game has no set number of innings, but the playoff run rule will apply.


  • No metal cleats are allowed
  • All teams are responsible for their own trash


  • ToneSports is a charity-focused, social sports club for professionals. Our goal is for you to have fun. We hope that you keep this in mind when participating. Although the games may become intense, you still can be competitive while maintaining good sportsmanship. With this said, any behavior deemed unacceptable by the umpire or ToneSports staff may result in suspension and/or ejection from a game or the event.


  • Any player wearing metal spikes will be ejected from the game. If that player is caught wearing spikes a second time,they will be removed from the league. No warnings.
  • Any player(s)/team(s) that are involved in a fight will be suspended from all ToneSports events for life. Any teams will forfeit all remaining games. The umpire has the right to sit a player for an inning if necessary.
  • Any excessive contact or collision will result in an out and ejection of player. You must give yourself up, get out of the way or slide. No exceptions, IMMEDIATE ejection if players do not follow this rule.
  • Any player abusing the umpire will automatically be ejected from the game without a warning.
  • A player ejected for ANY reason will be suspended for the next game. If that player is caught playing in that game, the team will forfeit.


  • An ejected participant must leave the grounds immediately and have no contact with the umpires or participants in the game. Failure to comply may result in forfeit or the player may be POLICE TRESPASSED from the park. No substitute is allowed in the ejected player’s position and their batting spot will be an automatic out.