About Us


We are a non-profit that helps non-profits!!  We focus on helping LOCAL  charities raise money and share their mission by throwing sporting events and tournaments.



Ah, living in the moment!  You get out on the field and … bam! You’re looking for an open teammate, yackin’ it up with the guy defending you, or laughing it off when the ball clocks you in the face.  Work?  What’s that?

We run leagues for all skill levels in twelve sports – we keep everything organized, competitive, sporting and fun.  Games start on time, the refs know what they’re doing, and the lunatic beating his chest or screaming at himself because he dropped a pass?  He’s in some other league.

We’ve got the games covered from every angle so, once a week, you just show up and forget about the rest of it.


Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your game (we know – a bit cheesy).There’s nothing quite like a Tone Happy Hour – follow us to the bar and you’ll immediately have something in common with almost everyone inside.  All those fun, sporty urbanites with the ‘T’ emblazoned on their shirts?  They don’t think ‘end of regulation’ equals ‘bedtime’ either.

So go shake some hands or huddle up with your squad and send a ‘good game’ pitcher over to your rival team.  You know life’s more fun when you share it with others, so Tone with us for out-of-town adventures, ski trips, classes, parties and events too.

We mean it when we say ‘social’ sports league.


Don’t look now, but you’re making a difference.  Win or lose on the field, a cause you care about comes out ahead.  That next round of post-game drinks?  Yep, that’s helping too.

We donate 10% of all profits and 100% of Happy Hour bar contributions to charities that you pick.  You can attend our charity events or jump all in and volunteer with us, but no matter what, when you’re with Tone, you can consider yourself a part of the solution.